Name: Callidora (born Bożena Kwiatkowska)
Date of birth: 29th of February, 1942
Date of death: 16th of June, 1964
Clan: Tremere
Place of Birth: Warshaw, Poland
Current place of residence: Tremere Chanty, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Current occupation: College Student
Favorite bloodtype: O-
Favorite color: Gold
Favorite holiday destination: Umm.. um.. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids…

Callidora, born Bożena Kwiatkowska. She was born in a Polish concentration camp (Bergen Belsen) but was soon taken be adopted by the Ducheski Revenant family as part of WW2 Tremere propaganda. Because of this most of her human live was spend as a Ghoul.
She turned out to be a super genius, and got accepted into Oxford to study Symbology. All the while, a powerful Tremere Regent already had his eye on her, tutoring her early on how to use several Thaumaturgy paths. By the time she had graduated from her Master’s, she already had a full Grasp of The Path of Telekinesis and The Lure of Flames.
This prompted her tutor to Sire her. He didn’t want anyone to know she was essentially a Revenant which led to her name change to “Callidora” (inspired by her interest in Greek mythology). She spent a long time as an errand girl for her sire, spending most of her time between the Polish and English Chantries. Up until the mid 90’s, when they decided to settle in the recently abandoned Amsterdam Chantry.The Pyramid is well aware of her status as a Revenant, and suspect her Sire is up to something, which is why she hasn’t been awarded any promotions yet. This is further justified by “The Incident”. It was while exploring the abandoned Antitribu chantry that she came across several volumes of forbidden magic and disciplines. During an experiment gone wrong, a scar was permanently left on her face, teaching her not to trifle with powers she could never fathom to grasp.

“Clan Tremere is one of the youngest vampire clans, having just come into existence during the dark ages. In the little time since then they have made incredible inroads within vampiric society and are arguably the most powerful clan in the modern nights. This is due in no small part to their strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery of Thaumaturgy, all of which elicit suspicion, fear, and respect from other Cainites. The Warlocks stand as a pillar of the Camarilla and are one of its main defenders, despite the fact that they exist almost as a subsect. Some even go so far as to consider themselves the evolution of vampirism, citing their extreme versatility of blood magic and lack of a true clan curse. The Final Nights have many things in store for the Tremere, however, and the more powerful they grow, the more their enemies gather – and in their bid for power, the Tremere have accumulated more enemies than most.

The Tremere clan weakness consists of an initiation, which requires neonates must all drink from the blood of the seven elders of the clan when they are created. This means that all Tremere are at least one step toward being Blood-Bound to the clan, and therefore must watch their step very carefully when around their leaders. Upon the introduction of V20, the clan weakness has been modified to run more deeply with the blood the Tremere study so: vampires of Clan Tremere are blood bound by only two draughts of another Kindred’s vitae. The first draught is treated as if another vampire had two.”


Source: Tremere(VTM)

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