Name: Lorey (born Lore de Vos)
Date of birth: [unknown]
Date of death: [unknown]
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Place of Birth: Antwerp, Belgium
Current place of residence: [unknown]
Current occupation: Former Ghoul to Prince of Amsterdam
Favorite blood-type: AB
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite holiday destination: The Abyss

Lorey, born Lore de Vos in the City of Antwerp, Belgium, has had what you could call a troubled life. Her parents weren’t rich, but with welfare they were able to scrape by. Her parents had her at a really young age, but insisted their raised her themselves. 
In a misguided attempt to provide for their child better, they started a small home-brewed drug business. Creating whatever was in demand at the time, they were able to earn some money on the side. Enough to ensure Lore would be dressed and fed. Soon, the young girl would enroll in school. Lore was small for her age, and rather shy. And because of her house being more of a drug lab than an actual home , she was never allowed to take friends back to her house. It was inevitable that she’d be bullied, and she responded by making herself seem as invisible as possible.
As she grew older, Lore would help out her parents, and even experiment with the less dangerous chemicals. But at age 10, she already understood how to extract the most complicated chemical compounds from whatever she could get her hands on. Her parents felt, as erroneous of an upbringing as they had given their child, uneasy about their daughter’s interests. But when high school rolled around, and she would get nothing but high marks in her science class, they started accept, and even encourage it.
A dangerous occupation like this could not last long, however, and when an anonymous tip led to the De Vos residence being raided, Lore was taken away from her mother and father. 
After this, they tried to place her in various foster homes, but it never worked out. She ran away often, until she was tracked and put into another home or centre. In these places, she did learn how to manipulate others to her biding. Eventually, she planned to just flee the country, and she took to calling herself Lorey, to be less recognizably Belgian. She traveled north, the Netherlands, where she scraped by mixing drugs to sell in the capital, Amsterdam. 
Just before turning 18, she was captured by the authorities and placed into a rehabilitation centre, despite never using her own products. This is where she met Maria Vanderhoff, who struggled with a morphine addiction. Surprisingly, they got along well. Shortly Maria was taken by the Ventrue Prince of Amsterdam, she was also lifted from the facility and given a place under Maria, to serve as her Ghoul. 
Eventually, Lorey supported Maria into overthrowing Van Leeuwen, and became the new Prince’s right hand and assistant. That is, of course, until a mission involving two Malkavian Kindred went awry, and Maria was forced to let her be Embraced into clan Lasombra.
And in these final nights, who knows where her loyalties truly lie?

The leaders of the Sabbat, clan Lasombra are social Darwinists, predators, elegant and inhuman and with a wicked sense of humor. Firm believers in the worthy ruling and the unworthy serving, the Lasombra have maintained their traditions even as they have turned the Sabbat to their own purposes.

Due to their inherent clan weakness, Lasombra vampires cast no reflections. They cannot be seen in mirrors, bodies of water, reflective windows, polished metals, photographs and security cameras, etc. This curious anomaly even extends to the clothes they wear and objects they carry. Many Kindred believe that the Lasombra have been cursed in this manner for their vanity. Additionally, due to their penchant for darkness, Lasombra take an extra level of damage from sunlight.

Source: Sabbat(VTES)

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